Having returned from an amazing trip in the Caribbean, it has been straight into work for the both of us and planning for the trip to Patagonia and the big one into the Pacific! To help break up the time between now and South America however, I’d managed to get a place taking part in the Round the Island race on a quick little yacht called SCream – a Santa Cruz 38.

Arriving on the Friday morning for some training out in the Solent, the weather was already beginning to pick up with some pretty big waves and gusts of around 30 knots (!), giving the impression that the race on Saturday was definitely not going to be a walk in the park…!

An early start followed on Saturday morning, and with us being in the same class as the record breakers and professional racers we were all pretty keen to get out sailing. A great start to the race and some strong winds made the first leg to the needles fairly plain sailing. What met us as we rounded the Needles was another matter entirely!

With a huge following swell and gusts of over 40 knots, we absolutely flew round the Southern side of the Isle of Wight with the spinnaker up (recording a max speed of just over 22 knots!) enabling us to make up some positions within the fleet ready for the upwind leg around the Eastern side of the island.

With a few completely soaked crewmembers on board due to the sleigh ride down wind, this upwind leg proved to be a bit of a long and chilly slog after the sun went behind the clouds…However, 7 hours and 20 minutes later we crossed the finish line – 19th in Class 0 out of over 30, and in the mid 200’s out of a total of 994! A great race with some great crewmembers, followed by a week of recovering….

On returning back home to Kent, it’s back to work and back to planning the various trips we have ahead with only a couple of months left before we fly down to Santiago.