This bank holiday weekend, Charlotte and myself were lucky enough to spend it with a couple of great friends, Frankie and Boots, from London in their lovely cabin in Polzeath. This weekend was to be a break from work, coinciding with Charlottes last week of working for Breast Cancer Now in the city, so both of us were very excited to be getting far away!

Frankie had organised the whole weekend and set up a surfing lesson for us all on Saturday, dinner in the evening and  a sightseeing day on Sunday. The cabin was fantastic, an outdoor Jacuzzi for the evenings and it was only 20 yards to the sandy beach! Polzeath is a fun little Cornish beach town which seems to rely on London weekenders and was full of families enjoying the Bank Holiday. It is tiny and features just a few, beach based shops, surf schools and cafes. I managed to find a great thermal surf top to help with my Open Water Diving course I’m doing in the UK – hopefully so that Charlotte and I can enjoy some diving in the Pacific!

The weekend would also provide the opportunity to try out a new toy of mine – a 1980’s 35mm film camera, a Canon AV-1.fullsizerenderI’d been wanting a 35mm film camera for a while, and had been wondering into camera shops (a great one in Pimlico – Mr Cad) looking at the huge variety of old cameras you can get and wondering which was for me, when I found this one online for a great price and almost perfect condition! One of the main reasons for getting a film camera was definitely down to the fact that there is something much more satisfying when using a film camera than there is when using a Compact Camera or a DSLR. The way you have to consider everything; from the lighting around your subject to choosing the right aperture and shutter speed is definitely something that really appeals to me. You definitely get a bigger sense of making the picture as opposed to just taking the picture! As soon as the pictures are developed, keep an eye out on Instagram to check them out!

The weekend itself was such good fun – surfing on the Saturday was great, with both charlotte and I standing up on most waves paddled into and Frankie having a lovely afternoon floating around! Polzeath was a great place to learn fullsizerenderto surf but was a bit terrifying at moments. It was so busy that every time a bigger wave came you were in danger of, if you hadn’t caught the wave, being hit by surfers coming towards you. Or if you had caught the wave – taking out the twenty children in front of you!  To round up an energetic afternoon we ate at
the Cracking Crab – a great surf shack kind of restaurant that overlooks the beach with a cracking (sorry…) sunset view. We had so much seafood and all of it was delicious.

Our weekend away with friends was great and the perfect distraction from work – however the best part of our few days away was Frankie and Boots both saying they will come out to Tahiti and visit us next Spring. We will be in Tahiti for about a month and, although it is an absolute pain to get to, what an insane holiday destination!? The sea life is amazing and the island is stunning – I can not wait to show them both, and Charlotte, around!