Join us and read about our adventures as we go from hiking in Patagonia, to sailing to the most remote islands in the world deep in the Pacific Ocean…

So what is this all about?

Welcome to SailForTheSun, our blog which we hope will keep all our friends and family up to date with what we are up to and where we actually are!

Please follow us as we first hike and camp our way around Patagonia from late September until early December, and then from January until November, sail from Antigua, across the Pacific Ocean, to New Zealand. Once we arrive in New Zealand our plans are undecided so we will keep you posted as we go along.

Our plan is to post about once a week and whilst we are on passage try to upload our blog using a satellite phone (fingers crossed it works!). So even when we are at sea you can read about what we are doing.

We will mainly be writing about our personal adventures in each of the apastedgraphic 1mazing and off the beaten track locations we will visit. However, we are always keen to discover local culture, food recipes, issues and enterprises and so we are going to write some blogs on interesting things we find out along the way.


If you do follow us then expect posts on both South America and The Pacific Crossing. In South America we will be taking this rough route; Santiago, Punta Arena, Ushuia, Puerto Natales, El Calafate, Bariloche, Puno, Santiago.



During the Pacific Trip look out for, in order from East to West; Antigua, Bonaire, Columbia, San Blas Islands, Panama Canal, the Galapagos, Marquesas (Fatu Hiva, Hiva Oa and Nuku Hiva), Tuamotus (Makemo, Fakarava and Rangiroa), The Society Islands (Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea and Bora Bora), The Southern Cook Islands (Raratonga and Palmerston), Niue, Tonga, Fiji and then finally Auckland, New Zealand.

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When we first started talking about this adventure I don’t think either of us realised the extent of it or what an incredible, once in a lifetime trip it really is. When we booked our flights to Patagonia to go hiking and camping for a few months it was with hidden trepidation from Charlotte, who only actually mentioned she wasn’t that keen on camping a couple of months later! Now we have our equipment and there is no turning back, not that either of us want to the more we read about our potential route through southern South America. We are hoping to go to Ushuaia and the ‘end of the earth’, wave to some penguins and spend lazy days reading from inside our tent with coffee in the Jetboil and breath taking views which we could never get bored of.

Then we are working our way North towards Santiago with a few stop offs on route for some more trekking, adventuring and fingers crossed a hike up a volcano. Once we reach the capital its Oscars birthday and we will be making sure we experience the party city properly before sadly leaving the continent. However, we won’t be too upset as that means it is only one month until we leave for Antigua and the start of our sail across the Pacific.

We are working as crew during our sailing trip however, we are luckier than most in that we will get a chance to explore everywhere that we stop off. We have both begun reading extensively about where we are going and all the things we are going to get to see and do across the Pacific. The biggest thing that we are looking forward to doing together is diving. Oscar has already been across the Pacific from the Galapagos to Tahiti and the sea life was apparently unbelievable, so we can’t wait to do some proper diving and see as much as possible along the way.

We are also looking forward to meeting people from all the islands we will stop off at, most of which are incredibly difficult to reach and so cut off from receiving many foreign visitors. We are hoping to work with a charity during the trip called Seamercy and together we are helping to bring better eye sight to people on these islands. We will take on our trip with us roughly 500 pairs of glasses and the equipment needed to assess and fit them. When we arrive on an island we can hold a clinic and give out glasses to locals therefore, improving their daily lives as they are able to see clearly. We are really excited to be able to help and this opportunity has really highlighted to us just how remote the places we are visiting are since, what we consider basic medical supplies, are so hard to come by.

As you can see we have a varied and incredibly exciting year ahead of us! Please follow us to keep up with what we are doing and add us to your Instagram for some pictures of where we are.